About Apps 11i Clone – A Human Touch

Apps clone is like cloning a human being. Please read the detail below.

1) Run adpreclone on DB/CM/AP tiers

This is pre-requisite step of cloning 11i prod and will not change anything in any system. This script will only create on $COMMON_TOP, a directory called "clone", with a basic structure of executable, scripts, templates and java files. Later to the creation of the clone directory, the process picks up important information of your source system with which upgrades the necessary templates for the process adcfgclone that was carried out in the target server.

Irrespective of gross similarities every human being is special. So before cloning a particular human being we must take note of the special things in his or her body - say – the brain structure, educational background, soft-skills, number of teeth remained etc.

2) Restore and Recover database

This is the brain of the person to be restored and recovered from “backup”. Here by the word “backup” you can imagine ALL the of the person’s life in past video-graphed and stored in a secured place up to a certain date in recent past. If any part of the video footage is missing the cloned being will face issue due to loss of memory (data!).

You need to restore two directories from database server: 1) Directory containing data files and 2) Oracle Home (RDBMS binaries)

3) Restore application

This is the part of cloning where body and organs of the person being cloned are taken care of. Mainly three directories from application nodes are to be copied: 1) Appl, 2) Comn (Log, output, html and java files) and 3) Ora (iAS & 8.0.6 Oracle home).

Once you have the brain (database) and body (application) in hand you need to start giving life to the person. First a new context file will be created. A context file is like a bio-data of the cloned person where all his detail is documented including name, address, telephone number, NHS office etc. After all our cloned man should get an address to go home when everything is over.

4) Run adcfgclone on DB

This step creates a new CV (context file) of the cloned man based on the questionnaire where you will provide the a new name to the cloned person, a new address (oracle home) and telephone number (port number) to be contacted (by the application – the other parts of the body). At the end of this part the database and listeners are started so that the person can see, listen and feel and memorize everything but cannot do anything himself. The body is still inert.


One problem is that this new cloned entity knows everything about the original person because we used the same brain. Some of the information may be sensitive like bank account number and PIN, girlfriend’s phone number and some nasty things which should not be made public. So we need to ‘brain wash’ our newly cloned friend. This is called “DEPROD”-ing so that some information will be completely wiped out and the rest will be over written (utl_dir etc).

6) Run Auto Config on DB Tier

Based on the context file (bio-data) created in last step auto config will now spread required information throughout the body so that all part of the body are now synchronised and work together.

7) Run adcfgclone on CM and AP

Like DB here also you will provide all the information about the location of your head, body, organs etc and based on that the new context file gets created. At the end the CM/AP services get started. But problem is we still need to fix some detail and so we need to shutdown the CM/AP tier and edit the custom files and context files.

8) We need to fix few little things like DMZ entries, Location of Apps config file and check all symbolic links are fine. We also change apps password and profile here.

9) Run Auto Config on CM/AP Tier

Like DB node that is the brain of the newly cloned man, based on the context file (bio-data) autoconfig will now update information throughout different organs of the body so that all organs of the body are now synchronised and work together.

10) We need to do some post autoconfig correction

Still we are not fully happy with our new body. We need make-up, new dresses or even change a part of the body by plastic surgery. This is the time for final make up before making the body appear to the public.

11) Start up CM and AP nodes

Congrats!!! Everybody can see you now. They can talk to you, interact and even expect some service from you. The newly cloned body is “released” to the “end users”.